Industry Panels


In Santa Barbara International Film Festival’s highly acclaimed Panel Series, several current and highly acclaimed industry professionals and celebrities come together for lively, informative and revealing panel discussions. Occurring on the two weekends of the festival, the Lobero Theatre will fill with 600+ attendees to hear straight from the mouths of the greatest filmmakers of the year. Panels will run at least an hour and a half and be moderated by an experienced industry media talent. Regularly panelists will take questions directly from the audience. Ever wonder what it took to make this year’s greatest films? Come to these panels and find out!

Directors on Directing (Directors’ Panel)
“Directors on Directing” is a part of SBIFF’s highly praised Panel Series, where notable industry professionals come together for informative and revealing discussions. Come join some of the world’s most renowned directors as they discuss their films,their craft, and their challenges.

It Starts With the Script (Screenwriters’ Panel)
“It Starts With the Script” brings together some of today’s most talented and innovative writing professionals as they discuss the process for giving life to film. In this panel, top writers converse about what it takes to write a script and their journey to the big screen. Hear some of the most gifted writers in Hollywood talk about the challenges in their craft.

Movers and Shakers (Producers’ Panel)
“Movers and Shakers” brings together some of today’s most established producers to share their insights in sparkling conversation. The Producer’s Panel allows some of the industry’s leading professionals to discuss their current projects and what they hope to see for the future of filmmaking. This panel can provide insight into the business as well creative sides of producers.

Creative Forces: Women in the Business (Women’s Panel)
The “Creative Forces: Women in the Biz” panel debuted in 2005 and celebrates influential women in film. Women from all stages of film production including editing, directing, costuming, casting, production design, and producing come together to discuss the unique challenges and successes they have faced in the film industry.

VFX Technology Panel
New for 2014, the VFX Technology Panel features some of the leaders in visual effects technology discussing the latest advancements in VFX world and the influence that technology has on filmmaking. Panelists will show clips of their visually stunning work.